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Looking for a motivated cell culture laboratory Technician, familiar with aseptic techniques, immunocytochemistry, and lab maintenance. Candidates with additional experience of working with biomaterials and 3D culturing will be preferred. This person should be able to work well with a team but also be comfortable working independently. This individual will compile, analyze, and report experimental data in a timely manner. The person is expected to demonstrate professionalism and work ethics.

Primary responsibilities

· Cell culture, expansion, characterization, and storage of primary human cells and cell lines

· Growing cells on various biomaterials and testing

· Analysis of cells by immunocytochemistry and other cellular staining methods

· Preparation and presentation of work reports and participation in scholarly activities

· Maintenance of laboratory space, materials inventory, and laboratory notebook

· Lab equipment cleaning and preventative maintenance


· AS or BS in biological sciences with laboratory experience.

· Experience with mammalian cell culture and cellular biology techniques

· Biomaterial and GLP experience are desirable.

· Operational and maintenance knowledge of common biotech laboratory equipment, such as biological safety cabinets, cell culture incubators, microscopes, autoclave etc.

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