We are Biotech Partners, one of the best d*mn life science recruitment agencies.

Biotech Partners is a life science recruiting company that’s dedicated to solving people problems. It’s what we do. From biotechnology to clinical research, we take the bullsh*t out of job placement and connect real, qualified job seekers with employers in their field.


Search aggressively. Select accurately.

Our biotech recruiters and search consultants have a thorough knowledge of the life sciences and a complete understanding of what constitutes a successful hiring process.



Core values


We do what’s right even if it’s harder. Why? Success without integrity equals failure. That means we like to win, not cheat or cut corners.

Innovate and Create

The mainstream just isn’t for us. We’re constantly thinking outside of the circle and finding creative and innovative approaches to everyday problems.

People First

Growth happens on every level. We are firm believers in “People over Policy” and ensuring that everyone feels supported in their personal and professional growth.

Work Hard, Play Harder

We have a “Die on the Treadmill” mentality and a “Wineglass Half-full” philosophy. We value commitment and positivity in every approach.

What People Say About Us

Our Team

Ross Petras

President & Executive Search
Practice Head
Ross has 15 years of experience connecting executives with our top tier client companies in the Life Sciences, including CROs, Research Labs, Biopharma, and Med Tech. Ross enjoys helping our clients build top tier teams where culture matters. If you ask his mother, she would tell you that not only has Ross never accepted no for an answer, but he has an uncanny ability to create great opportunities from practically nothing.

Anthony Aukskalnis

Director of Talent Acquisitions
Tony graced the clinical research world at Atrium Health with his unparalleled charm and wit for four magical years. While working, he somehow earned a Masters from Johns Hopkins that they cannot legally take back; he’s locked it in a triple coded safe regardless. Tony was introduced to Biotech Partners at a biotech conference in Raleigh, NC and quickly realized he had a shared passion for connecting world-class talent with industry leaders.

Kyla Scully

Office Operations Manager
On a daily basis, Kyla finds herself wondering how such a hip, young professional would end up the babysitter of so many adult-children at Biotech Partners. As a UNCC graduate, her degree in psychology is being put to good use with the team. Kyla is currently re-cranking her education engine in order to delve further into the world of biotechnology by continuing her studies in biology. Her day-to-day is filled with helping clients find the best talent, as well as growing Biotech Partners’ network (and cleaning up after the boys in the office).

Life at Biotech Partners

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