We are Biotech Partners, one of the best d*mn life science recruitment agencies.

Biotech Partners is a life science recruiting company that’s dedicated to solving people problems. It’s what we do. From biotechnology to clinical research, we take the bullsh*t out of job placement and connect real, qualified job seekers with employers in their field.


Search aggressively. Select accurately.

Our biotech recruiters and search consultants have a thorough knowledge of the life sciences and a complete understanding of what constitutes a successful hiring process.



Core values


We do what’s right even if it’s harder. Why? Success without integrity equals failure. That means we like to win, not cheat or cut corners.

Innovate and Create

The mainstream just isn’t for us. We’re constantly thinking outside of the circle and finding creative and innovative approaches to everyday problems.

People First

Growth happens on every level. We are firm believers in “People over Policy” and ensuring that everyone feels supported in their personal and professional growth.

Work Hard, Play Harder

We have a “Die on the Treadmill” mentality and a “Wineglass Half-full” philosophy. We value commitment and positivity in every approach.

What People Say About Us

Our Team

Ross Petras

President & Executive Search
Practice Head

Anthony Aukskalnis

Director of Talent Acquisitions

Kyla Louis

Director of Operations

Parker May

Resourcing and Recruitment Manager

Kelsey Livingston

Research Associate

Life at Biotech Partners

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