In the highly regulated and complex Pharmaceutical industry, partnering with a search firm that understands the challenges you face when recruiting the best and brightest can’t be emphasized enough. Our clients demand that our search consultants have significant knowledge of the pharma industry -- everything from therapeutic areas of expertise to the current status of their R&D pipeline -- so that we can accurately represent them to talent marketplace as a whole. We understand the requirements of hiring researchers for novel therapies, or the difference in skills required for managing pivotal trials vs. early R&D. Our search consultants and office staff possess many years of domain expertise in the world of drug development as a whole, and several carry advanced degrees from some of the most prestigious global academic institutions. 



Med Device

The Medical Device industry can be multi-faceted, involving a complex mix of highly technical areas such as engineering, manufacturing, and quality control with unique standards like ISO and IRB. We know that working with a medical device company requires an understanding of the broad scope of their business, from research to manufacturing, and supply chain to technology. Our search consultants have an understanding of all aspects of the medical device business, with an expertise crafted through years of specific focus in the industry, which makes us subject matter experts in understanding, for example, the regulatory knowledge required when working with Class III devices.  



The biotech sector is thriving, as the FDA moves towards more aggressive approval of new drugs and strong advances are made in disease research. Cutting-edge therapies in areas like genetics and immunology continue to change the face of modern medicine and treatments. But the growth in areas like drug discovery and the creation of new clinical diagnostics in companies from large pharma to small startups increases the competition to hire and retain the best talent. With our niche focus in the biotech sector, our search consultants understand both the nuances of our clients’ business, and the challenges in the marketplace.



Medical research is undergoing rapid change, as the life science industry faces increasing pressure to develop new and innovative ways to save and improve patients’ lives. Evolving regulatory environments, managing the costs of R&D, and providing value to shareholders and sponsors create key challenges for CROs, requiring our clients to hire highly skilled professionals to continue innovating and overcome these challenges. Through medical research experience and years of focus in the life sciences, our search consultants have developed a deep understanding of the CRO industry, helping organizations fill highly-specialized roles with skilled professionals that are both technical and cultural fits, in areas such as monitoring, biostatistics, and project management.

Life Science Recruiting Services

Pre-Clinical Recruiting
Pre-Clinical Recruiting


We specialize in recruiting services for roles in pre-clinical research and development across areas such as analytical laboratory services, drug safety, and efficacy services, pathology and more.

Clinical Recruiting
Clinical Recruiting


Clinical recruiting services focus on placement for roles in trial research in fields such as clinical management, trial management, medical writing, and medical affairs among others. 


Commercial Recruiting
Commercial Recruiting


Recruiting services for commercial roles in the life science industries focus on placement in business development, IT consulting, marketing, sales, and other areas. 


You will NEVER see a candidate from us that doesn’t follow our success process.

Asset 68


In-depth analysis of position specifications, careful gathering of requirements with a “value” focus, result-oriented experience which effectively “sells” company attributes so the most successful candidate is retained.

Asset 63


Strategic planning for the most effective means for sourcing taRget candidates. Extensive integration of industry resources, virtual communities, magazines, and proven cold calling approaches.

Asset 65


Combining behavioral and targeted interviewing techniques, clients are ensured that the candidates presented possess all necessary, as well as many dired, skill sets which will prove their value as an exceptional performer within the company.

Asset 66


Supported by an extensive database of candidate and companies, potential candidates are actively sought from direct competitors and parallel industries located locally, regionally or nationally.

Asset 64


Complete and honest feedback coupled with tailored advice during the entire interview process thus ensuring a sooth and seamless hiring transition.

Asset 67


Consultation and negotiation of all elements surrounding an employment offer. “Hands-on” involvement to ensure that the candidate identified gets hired and stays hired.

What Our Clients Say

The candidate pool is not as strong in Pharma. Biotech is easy to work with and they listened.

Senior Regional Medical Director /

They are really on it, they don’t get into a dry spell and fall off. They are communicating back to me. They might say, “Hey, I haven’t received any resumes we might be in a dry spell.” They are communicating to me. They are persistent and have good communication.

Director of Quality Affairs /

We worked for three years with our recruiting director, he had a great level of communication and responsiveness. Through working with him... he had a better understanding of the person we needed, engaged and listened, was active on my suggestions.

Life Sciences Executive /

I would not have gone through it if I didn’t have faith in them. I’ve worked with many recruiters - it’s difficult to find someone you can trust - recruiters that have your best interest at heart. That’s why I went to Ross. He’s an honest dealer, someone who is taking the time to hire.

VP Strategic Sales /

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