Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Everything You Need To Know

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During the past few months, every industry has taken a substantial beating. The poor economy has taken down several small-scale companies and businesses. Some even had to face losses. Due to the rundown that happened across the globe, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is helping many companies hire young talents.

As the situation is getting better, companies are looking to hire more people. However, this time companies are aiming at hiring people who are scalable, flexible, and dedicated to the growth of their company. It takes a lot of effort to find such people- and that’s where RPO comes in. RPO will help you hire dedicated executives without any extra effort.

What Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a type of process that helps businesses by performing the hiring and recruitment process. These companies work as an external provider working on the terms and conditions provided by the company. They can also associate with multiple companies at the same time.

An RPO firm is just another human resource department for other companies performing the same actions. However, there are times when the RPO firm only manages the recruitment process. This depends on the need of a company and as per the available resources.

Why Your Company Needs An RPO?

To begin with, you have to look around and figure it out yourselves. You need to look at it from your company’s perspective. If you feel that you lack a top-class recruitment team and want third party professionals to handle it, choose an RPO over anything else. This will lay the foundation for your future employment and also help hire a dedicated executive for your business. There can be many reasons behind choosing Recruitment Process Outsourcing as mentioned below.

  • Internal resources cost a lot  
  • Lack of dedication in newly hired employee
  • Huge increase in hiring activity
  • Your team wants to set a standard for internal recruiters

How To Select An RPO Provider?

After looking at your needs and reasons why you need an RPO provider, let’s discuss how you can select one out of many. To choose the best, you have to list down your requirements and then look if the RPO fits the bill. Let’s break down the extra effort and look at important things you need to consider.

1) Size Of The RPO Firm

RPO firms are spread across the globe and they vary in sizes for different states. Depending on your needs and standards, you can select the right firm that suits your company. Large providers are spread nationally and regionally to help you recruit amazing talents. 

2) Services

The service structure tells a lot about the company and it also helps you choose the right fit. Have a look at the services the RPO firm is providing and look at their expertise. Talk to them regarding your needs and ask them what they can provide to your company. An evaluated agreement on the type of service you need and the service RPO firm can provide will help you select better.

3) Company Background

Every company has its track record and you can always visit the website and read reviews for the same. Look out for their background or just have someone perform a background check to know the reliability of the RPO firm. This will tell you a lot about their services and also the feedback will help you evaluate various things.

4) Cultural Fit

Choosing an RPO provider means you need to look for someone you are comfortable working with. The cultural fit changes a lot of things and one can benefit from it. Trust and likeability are some of the key things you need for a successful relationship with your RPO provider.

The Benefit Of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing provides plenty of benefits for your company. Here are some of them.

1) Makes Hiring Process Faster

Adapting to the changes requires a lot of effort from the internal HR department. However, an outsourcing firm can help hire much faster even with the ever-changing environment outside your company. Recruitments done on a project basis gives a better idea to RPO firms for effective hiring.

2) Exclusive Talent Pool

RPO firms are great when it comes to hiring unique talents for your company. They deal with a lot of people and this is what makes RPO firms an amazing choice to recruit dedicated and talented employees. Taking the responsibility of your Internal HR department to an independent RPO will result in the best quality talents being hired for your project.

3) Strengthens Your Business Model

Every RPO firm tries to stay ahead of its time and they are always prepared for the future as per the trends in the market. Whenever they are working with you, they will give you a slight idea of things you need to follow for your company’s hiring and this, in turn, strengthens your business model.

4) Lesser Burden On The HR Department

The HR department of every company is known to only hire employees however that’s not the case. Apart from hiring, they handle a lot of work at the back end. RPO firms will help reduce the burden on the HR department and this promotes high-quality performance from both departments.

5) Flexibility Of Recruitment

The needs of every company vary from time to time and it can become challenging for a dedicated HR department to change with time. With an RPO, it will be easier to blend in with the varying needs of hiring executives over time.


Hiring a recruitment partner for your company might take a lot of time. It is the right thing to take your time while choosing an RPO firm as they will be playing a huge part in your company‘s future. Make a checklist on every RPO you interview and select the one you like. We wish you good luck in your search and we hope you find the right fit for your external hiring partner.

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