Five Important Things to Consider Before Posting That Job Opening

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Jeff Gilden

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It’s time. Upper management has finally given you the green light to begin interviewing for your latest job opening. You’re eager to get the job description on the internet, ready to pore through stacks of resumes, and ready to start those phone interviews. But once the process starts, it’s often difficult to slow down and take a step back to analyze scenarios that will naturally occur during a hectic hiring process.

Before you click that “Upload” button, there are five important things to consider about your job description in order to eliminate problems before they arise.

Understand Your Expectations

It’s crucial to evaluate all your expectations for the role before you begin interviewing, as it will save you a significant amount of time. Do you know what you’re hoping this new addition will bring to your team, not only work-wise but interpersonally? What are the strengths you are hoping this hire will possess? Are there some red flags to watch out for with this position? Making a physical list will often help to organize your thoughts and clarify what exactly you’re looking for with every candidate you interact with.

Review the Job Description to Ensure It’s Accurate

Review the final job description before uploading it online to ensure it is free of any grammatical mistakes. This is a potential hire’s first impression of your organization – is it an accurate one? Also take this time to re-evaluate the description through the reader’s eyes. Do you feel that your expectations are communicated well? Is there anything not stated or unnecessary information that could be edited? You should also have another team member review it before you publish it online to ensure the messaging is clear.

Understand Your Salary Budget and Constraints

In order to find the right person for your opening, you need to truly understand what you can afford. This will save you a lot of time during the screening process, when you can easily rule out individuals who specify that they are looking for compensation far outside of your range. This is also a good time to do some market research and see if your company is putting out competitive offers in your industry. If you find that your needs and price point are incongruent, it’s important to make that case to senior management before you begin sourcing talent.

Make a List of Non-Negotiables

Perhaps one of the most important things to do in preparation for a job opening is to ask your team to come up with a few non-negotiable items to look out for in your open role. Areas to focus your non-negotiables on can be around the job responsibilities, management styles, and collaboration styles. Listening to the concerns your team presents is crucial to finding the right fit.

Create an Interview Timeline and Plan

Finally, sit down with your calendar and plot out when you’d like to have hit certain milestones along the hiring process. Set goals, for example, to be finished reviewing resumes in three weeks, have phone screening calls on week four, and in-person interviews scheduled for weeks five and six. Also note in this plan who else will need to be pulled in for each segment of the process so you can give them adequate notice beforehand. Keep tight to your self-imposed deadlines to keep momentum during the hiring process. Both your team and your candidate pool will thank you.

Once you’ve had the time to complete each of these steps, you are more than prepared to embark on the hiring journey! If you’re looking to add new personnel to your team but don’t even know where to start, reach out to Biotech Partners today for a free consultation.

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