Five Simple Reasons Your Job Hunt is Receiving Radio Silence

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Jeff Gilden

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We’ve all been there before: applying to what seems like an endless amount of jobs, and yet weeks later you’ve still heard nothing! Did your resume get lost in the system? Are places actually hiring? Are you just not impressive enough to get a call back? These are all thoughts that can come up when we receive radio silence after applying to endless job openings. But there might be a logical explanation for it all. Here are a few of the reasons you might never hear back from a company after applying.


You’re Not the Most Qualified Candidate

Let’s face it: there may always be someone better fit for the job than us. And if that’s the case, then the organization may not have time to worry about communicating with anyone other than the most qualified applicants. While it’s encouraged to apply to roles that may be a little outside of your expertise and qualifications, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear anything back.

Your Resume or Application Isn’t Keyword-Optimized

It’s a competitive market out there, meaning that you are one of countless other resumes and applications an Applicant Tracking System or hiring manager is going to have to review. If there isn’t anything that stands out about your application or resume, highlighting exactly what the job posting has described it’s looking for in a candidate, then your name might just slip on by.

Your LinkedIn Profile Leaves Something to be Desired

It’s the twenty-first century, so if you’re still stopping by offices to drop off a hard copy of your CV, it’s time to rethink your job search strategy. There’s a good chance a potential employer will do a Google search of your name, which will often lead them right to your LinkedIn. Keep it up to date, including professional head shot and connections to other business people. Bonus: most Applicant Tracking Systems will often allow you to auto-populate the application based off of LinkedIn information, saving you much more time and energy!

You’re Forgetting the Ever-Important Cover Letter

Just because we’re in the twenty-first century doesn’t mean the ever-important cover letter is no longer relevant. In cases where you submit your resume via email, use the body of the email to clearly outline why you are the right person for the job. Anytime the Applicant Tracking System has a space for a cover letter, take advantage of it by providing a carefully thought out piece catered to the organization and role. If other candidates aren’t doing the same, your entire application will stand out in the best way possible!

They Call it a “Job Hunt” for a Reason

It’s called a job hunt for a reason, which also means you can’t just send out a million applications or submit the same old resume and hope that out of the thousands of places you send it, something sticks! Much like anything else you want in life, it’s important to set a strategy for your job hunt and keep track of the small goals you can accomplish along the way – making connections, identifying future opportunities, and maybe even that ever-elusive dream job!


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