Meet Kyla Scully, Office Manager & Business Development Associate, and Resident Organizer

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You’ve seen the behind-the-scenes photos that appear on LinkedIn and Facebook, and you may have even had the pleasure of working with some of them – but who exactly comprises Biotech Partners? In this series we will introduce you to the amazing men and women who work tirelessly to connect the best candidates in the market with innovative organizations across the nation.

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Next up, meet Kyla Scully, the Biotech Partner’s Office Manager & Business Development Associate.

Interviewer: Kyla, tell us a little about your roles as both Office Manager and Business Development Associate within Biotech Partners.

Scully: My role at Biotech Partners is reporting, contract creating, and non-verbal business development. A big part of my job is organizing the Biotech Partner’s team as well as developing and implementing new initiatives.

Interviewer: Tell us about how you ended up at Biotech Partners. What led you to the world of recruiting?

Scully: I worked at an agency previously and was referred to the organization by one of my colleagues there when it was time for me to make a change. When I was in college, I worked in a role that was responsible for hiring student employees. I knew when I graduated that I wanted to continue my involvement in the hiring process and recruiting was a perfect opportunity to do so.

Interviewer: What’s currently your favorite part about your role within the organization?

Scully: My favorite part about my role is the impact I’m able to make on the business overall, as well as being able to see my efforts reflected in the success of the company.

Interviewer: What does a typical “Day in the Life of an Office Manager & Business Development Associate” look like for you?

Scully: While no day is ever really the same for me, we always start our mornings off with a daily team huddle. Depending on what projects we are currently working on, I will put some time into those and brainstorm ideas on new projects we want to implement. A constant within my role is reaching out to potential new clients via email or social media and monitoring and responding to the interest we get.

Interviewer: With your expertise, what do you think is the most common issue to hinder a hiring process?

Scully: I would say unclear expectations and time. Often, the hiring manager has an idea of what they want in a candidate but as the process moves forward, their viewpoint may change. On the candidate side, if the hiring process is moving along too slowly, the candidate may become uninterested and find another opportunity.

Interviewer: What’s one universally sought skill that hiring managers look for in a candidate?

Scully: Universally, managers look for employees that are coachable. They want an employee that will adapt to their new role and be ready to learn the expectations and processes in place.

Interviewer: What types of roles do you think will grow exponentially over 2020?

Scully: In 2020, contracting jobs are going to significantly increase. There has been a huge push in organizations to avoid the risk associated with the permanent employment and are now turning to agencies for temporary placements.

Interviewer: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a candidate who’s looking for their next job opportunity?

Scully: The advice I would give is have patience in the process. As long as you remain active in the job search, it will work itself out. Also, remember to be present during this time. While it can be stressful, you should take time for yourself while you aren’t working full-time.

Interviewer: What are your personal & professional goals for 2020?

Scully: Personally, I plan to finish my Biology degree as well as practice more yoga. Professionally, I want to take professional development classes to increase my skill set.

If you’re a candidate or hiring manager who is interested in working with the Biotech Partners team, feel free to reach out today for a complimentary consultation to see how the team can help connect you to the right organization or individual!




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