Why Hiring Managers & HR Departments Need Outside Recruiters (Like Us)

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Jeff Gilden

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Anyone who has posted an advertisement for a job knows two scenarios all too well — thunderclap, lightning, and a torrential downpour of resumes or the creeping darkness of a still, sticky night when even moths won’t gather to a flame.

Despite well-written job ads that denote the education, work experience and skills a candidate must have to be considered, job seekers can fail to vet their own qualifications. Some may call it optimism. Others, like busy hiring staff, may call it a waste of time and resources otherwise known as the Dunning-Kruger effect — an “illusion of confidence” such that “while almost everyone holds favorable views of their abilities in various social and intellectual domains, some people mistakenly assess their abilities as being much higher than they actually are,” according to a recent article in Quartz. At Biotech Partners, we’ve seen it all before — bank traders applying for big data sales positions with customer service skills so on point they respond to the automated “your application is no longer under consideration” email with curses and insults; brilliant researchers wanting to be considered for strategic team leadership who don’t want to collaborate or mentor; mid-career candidates trying to transition from grocery store deli servers to medical device sales managers. These applicants don’t want the job — they want A JOB and are throwing their resume at every opportunity with the hopes that any opportunity will come around.

As Kimberly “ Sweet Brown” Wilkins said, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

The difference between what a company’s internal HR department and hiring managers do and what Biotech Partners does is that HR and hiring managers have jobs to do that are not directly related to hiring. A traditional HR department deals with tasks ranging from benefits administration to disciplinary action. Hiring managers may have been given oversight of the hiring process but the responsibility comes in addition to their regular day-to-day duties whether those be in business development, research, or medical affairs.

Meanwhile, Biotech Partners is dedicated to solving people problems by helping you hire and get hired.

It’s what we do.

It’s all we do.

“You can approach your hiring by sticking with your circle of friends and who they know and hoping that someone knows someone who has got the right talent set to help your company grow, or you can use your internal HR team, which may or may not fully appreciate the science at hand or only screens resumes for keywords rather than context,” said Ross Petras, Biotech Partners’ founder. “Or — third option — you can call us. We not only have a tremendous existing network across the life sciences, we have a team that is specifically trained to understand the life sciences, continually does the research to find new talent, knows how to screen for qualified applicants, and works as a replacement for or augmentation of a company’s existing recruiting structure.”

Recruiting gets a bad rap when there are those who do not understand the industry they work in and — just like the candidates who are applying for any and every job — submit any and every candidate’s resume that comes across their desk.

“That’s not how we work,” Petras said.

Conversely, there are recruiters who do not put in the legwork and research to find candidates when the search is a challenging one.

But Biotech Partners knows how to put our years of experience in the field to use.

“Where we end is typically not where we began. Searches are evolving. They begin sometimes as a hazy picture that is revealed more clearly when you see who is available in the market,” said Brad McMillan, partner and preclinical practice manager. “I want you to tell me about what your goals are for the future and help me help my candidates to help you get there.”

Learn more about what Biotech Partners can do for you at  http://bit.ly/curingpeopleproblems.



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